2011 Door County Vistor Guide Photos

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One of my favorite quick vacation getaways is Door County. I’ve been going up there off and on for a few years now and each year I’ve sold a few of my images for their annual visitor guide. Their brochure is packed with a ton of vacation ideas in the area and has some really beautiful photographs by some wonderfully, talented photographers. In case you’re ever planning to go up there be sure to check out the visitor guide

Here’s Cana Island and the Polar Bear plunge!



2011 Scenic Landscape Calendar

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I’m honored to have some of my landscape photography images featured in this year’s Reno Diagnostics Centers’ annual calendar. In what has been a tradition for seven years now, each year they choose the work of a photographer to be used for a beautiful 12×17 calendar that they offer to thousands of their clients as a token of their appreciation. Working with Brandlab the ad agency that purchased my images and put together the calendar was great. They were a pleasure to work with and I’m proud of the final product they put out for their client. Here’s what the front and back covers look like.



Photographs of the Southwest

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In the next couple of weeks I’ll be featuring photographs I’ve taken while traveling in the Southwest last summer. The Southwest part of the country has some of the most interesting and unique geological formations on our planet. I hope you enjoy these.





Door County Visitor Guide Photos

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Each year I try to get some of my images featured in the Door County Visitor Guide which is their brochure packed with vacation ideas. Door County is a quick vacation getaway from Chicago and perfect for a long weekend. Some of our images that they used this year include the photographer/writer credits page at the beginning—a cold, icy sunrise, and a windsurfing image for their article on windsurfing and kite-boarding.



Featured in Antidull

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I’m pretty stoked to have several of my landscape images featured in this months Antidull Online Art Magazine. The Art Photography issue #2 on about page 28 features 2 of my images. If you’ve been in Chicago lately, you may be able to relate to one of those images with this year’s winter. For more of my landscape work, have a look at my landscape photography website.

What makes a great wedding image? Creamy, soft bokuh—that out of focus background. Yes, this technique is great and often times perfect when you really want to make the subject stand out from the surroundings. I use this technique often especially during many of the photojournalistic moments and casual portraits.

What can be more difficult, yet much more rewarding when done right is being able to integrate the landscape surroundings with the wedding subject into an image, especially in the Midwest where we have no mountains. I’ve been photographing landscape images for many years which has had a positive influence on my wedding imagery.



Photos in Door County’s Visitor Guide

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I had several of my photographs chosen for the 2007 issue of the Door County Visitor Guide. This is a great honor as they have many great photographers that contribute wonderful images. Here are a few that were accepted.

Colorado 2006

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Amy, Jake, Katie, and me took a road trip to Colorado and into the mountains. I really love the beauty of the mountains—it rejuvinates me when I come here. I don’t get a chance to get here as often these days as I did when I was climbing some of the 14000+ ft peaks. But I still enjoy it.

Jake with his first trout catch ever on ice.

Long’s Peak

A couple more images of Long’s Peak and an elk at dusk.

On the trail.

One morning I started up for Chasm Lake about 3am to get a sunrise shot of the east face of Long’s peak across this high altitude lake which is at around 11,800 ft. This next image was what I saw behind me when the sun rose and the following one is the east face of Long’s Peak.

Jake working the fishing pole and catching a trout.

Door County Fourth of July

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Went back to Door County for the Fourth of July weekend with the entire family. Even though the Egg Harbor fireworks got rained out we still had a blast. Jake got on the go carts though they still were a little loud for his 3 year old ears.

Door County Memorial Day

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Visited Door County for the Memorial Day weekend. This is a great place for a quick getaway from Chicago. I was able to grab a few sunrise shots along with Katie and Jake on the beach.

2005 Highlights

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Here are some highlights from 2005. What a great year!

Here’s to a great 2006. For more please visit my main site Chicago Wedding Photography – Fine Art Landscape Photography