Brian & Christine Engagement – North Avenue Beach

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Brian and Christine were from out of state and came to Chicago to have the engagement pictures. North Avenue Beach and Lincoln Park made for a beautiful backdrop.

Colorado 2006

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Amy, Jake, Katie, and me took a road trip to Colorado and into the mountains. I really love the beauty of the mountains—it rejuvinates me when I come here. I don’t get a chance to get here as often these days as I did when I was climbing some of the 14000+ ft peaks. But I still enjoy it.

Jake with his first trout catch ever on ice.

Long’s Peak

A couple more images of Long’s Peak and an elk at dusk.

On the trail.

One morning I started up for Chasm Lake about 3am to get a sunrise shot of the east face of Long’s peak across this high altitude lake which is at around 11,800 ft. This next image was what I saw behind me when the sun rose and the following one is the east face of Long’s Peak.

Jake working the fishing pole and catching a trout.